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thorin x reader courting Courting is serious business to this race, and if you’re given the opportunity to court one, you shouldn’t take it likely. 6. Something went wrong, Frodo and Sam failed their task. Of Flower Crowns and Courting (Thorin Oakenshield . You had always dreamed of one day visiting Rivendell to see the amazing kingdom of the elves. Every morning since Thorin and you got married was the same. Some mature themes, reader discretion advised. Another night without Y/N, my days have been dull and my nights have been sleepless since she left. fili, fanfiction, hobbit. Imagine you and Thorin are married. Thorin’s Bride: Thorin is in love with the reader, a human. At the beginning of the thirteenth century the commercial commune of Pisa was one of the two most powerful maritime forces in the Mediterranean, alongside Venice and ahead of Genoa. * You both grew up together, and a lot of people would joke about you courting. He is being sent back to his twenty fifth year of age. Summary: Thorin says few harsh words to the reader, which makes her feel down and sad. Gen will be labelled for reader's convenience unless the summary makes it obvious. Gone - Part 1 Part 2 You are being courted by Thorin Oakenshield, the King Under the Mountain. part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4. There was no one in all of Erebor. One-Shot. He simply braided a section just behind your ear, fastening the sword and crown bead to it to hold the braid together. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works The hobbit x reader courting Notes: Courting Fic! I have a thing and it is this. Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x (human!wife)reader. Stop placing your . Steven is the offspring of a vampire . Legolas x Reader x Thorin: Decision rainydaydream-gal: “(Author’s note: This was such an interesting request! I have never posted anything with Legolas before, so I hope I got his character right. A chill suddenly rose in the air, the night slowly taking over the blistering air and cooling the wind that blew through the trees and around the mountain of Erebor. He was your protector. With shaking hands, you repeated the process for Thorin, the bow and knife bead holding fast at the end of Thorin’s new braid. Legolas: Act natural. He suffers from Dragon Sickness and imprisons you, becoming suspicious of you. Content Thorin X Reader Lemon Partner Kisses Canine, You Then Tips On How To Deal With It. The Royal Bodyguard; Summary: When someone in Erebor threatens you, your brother Thorin places you under the protection of his closest and best warrior. The Gentlemen. The supposed hostage isn’t wanted in return for any sort of ransom or blackmailing scheme. Part 1: The Assignment. Thorin x Reader The Hobbit Accidental . Magic x** No Touching x** Safe x. #thorin x reader #the hobbit #bilbo baggins #tolkien #richard armitage #kili #the lord of the rings #middle earth #fili x reader #fili #thorin oakenshield x reader #JRR Tolkien #dean o'gorman #fili one shot More you might like x Ronan Partners/Accidental courting. “Braid my hair Bofur” After he had finished braiding your hair you took his hand and squeezed it, leaving to go tell Thorin you would not be joining the journey. Of Baths, Braids and Beads: A Study in Courtship, a hobbit fanfic | FanFiction. The Hobbit and all recognizable characters are property of the J. Dwalin x reader. She . The hobbit x reader courting Stubborn Girl x. 2 + Pt. It was the gentle sobbing of the Halfling that drew him back to the room, and the position he found himself in. Summary/Request: Requested by @ani808: Can I request a oneshot of the thorin imagine you did where he tries to court her but dwarven courting traditions go over her head? Please and thank you Originally posted by thorinoakenshieldconfessions. Read Never Been Courted pt. Fandom: The Hobbit. Fili x Reader OC x Thorin Pairing – Soulmates – After an accident in the forges you find yourself once again saving the life of the ruling Durins and reclaiming your old bed in the healing Wing. On the other end of the line in the middle of the night in London the receiver to the ringing phone was lifted and raised to the ear of the exhausted aid in charge of answering said phone to take messages to hand over to the King in the Palace that came in on his nightly shift. Hurt OC – Dwarf Courting #dwalin x male reader #dwalin x reader #the hobbit x reader #the hobbit x male reader #the hobbit imagine #x reader imagine #x male reader imagine #bilbo is outraged #fili and kili are twerps #thorin wanting something else #bilbo love thorin please #he needs it #definitely refrenced shakespear for a moment #x male reader #x reader … See all Summary: You are often writing erotica in your diary, revolving around you and Thorin, but what if he finds it? Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Dwarf!Reader. Fanfiction Fantasy Romance Hobbit Thorin Thorin X Oc. Thorin and Dis are supposed to be discussing the rebuilding of Erebor, but Thorin can’t help but get distracted by the woman he is courting. He was inside Bilbo Baggins. Company x reader, very slight Thorin x reader; You loved travelling with the company, even though it could be strange sometimes, seeing that you were the only female; It hadn't been easy to convince everyone to let you tag along, especially a certain . Bilbo has been charged with going back, back to the very beginning. Show more featured. Tolkien-Fantasy Call me Tori // Queer, LGBT Welcome!! // Autistic // Ravenclaw // I write Imagines, Preferences, Headcanons for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and Breath of the Wild. ”. Aaahh! Dude I LOVE that Dark Academia imagine you answered, it was so sweet and so very true! I hope you don't mind if I request something like it, with headcanons for Thorin, Fili, Kili and Bofur courting a Dark Academia style reader, since I'd be very curious about how they'd handle that individually, and I honestly just love reading your stuff. However, despite the two of them not agreeing and saying that this quest is no place for a girl, they agreed. Of course, it wasn’t actually to the death, but Kíli kept insisting it had been a close call. Winter Song by Lee_Whimsy Summary: Smaug is dead, and the North is peaceful and prosperous once more. He looked at you then, as you stood at the top of the grand staircase. “(Y/N), if you will allow me, I would like to give you a courting braid. Reader is gender neutral. Dis and Thorin sit on a blanket in one of the fields surrounding Erebor while Y/N, Fili, Kili, and Dwalin spar a short distance away. Originally posted by love-music-fashion-flawless. Maneuvering between the huge rocks, some encrusted with the metal huts and shacks of mining settlements, the ship slowed to a crawl. I would love to see a #12 with Kili x reader. kili, thorin. 6: "Example Par Excellence" [Pre-Nezumi x Shion, Teen Audiences and Up] Title: Example Par Excellence Author: fencer_x Fandom: No. Our Little Thorin Pairing/s: Thorin x wife!reader Setting/Timeline: Few years after BoTFA, Durins live!AU Warning(s)/Genre(s): Fluff Word Count: 1,521 The Hobbit, The Durins, Bilbo Baggins, and Any of. You’re absolutely terrible at hair braiding so everyday Thorin’s hair looks terrible. com DA: 26 PA: 43 MOZ Rank: 74; Solitude (Thorin x Reader) Solitude (When a simple attempt to start a conversation turned out to be something more and something unexpected, much to the joy of the company) Thorin x Reader Vanyar courting In my Middle Earth I think there were tiny Vanyar, the ancestors of Hobbits. Getting into a fight to the death together tends to do that to you. These will be very Bilbo, often with Thorin, focused but not exclusively as I like all the characters. To me, Wattpad is my past. Sigrid was old enough to look after Bain and Tilda, and for that you were grateful. tumblr. Shorter than my usual, idk if that’s warning welp sorry! Request: Requested by @softheartedhobbit Thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy it! :) Pairing: Thorin x reader. Comments/Notes: This chapter is a little more serious in its tone, but do not despair, the smut is coming. He looked at you, the unspoken question lingering. Bilbo Baggins & Thorin Oakenshield (631) Thorin Oakenshield/Original Female Character(s) (613) Thorin Oakenshield/Thranduil (574) Dwalin/Thorin Oakenshield (551) Fíli & Kíli (Tolkien) (467) Thorin Oakenshield/Reader (438) Include Additional Tags Fluff (2671) Angst (2286) Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies (1900) An AU based a bit on classic tales of dragons. You didn’t see anyone. Requested: kind of - this was a favor to a very special person!. She wasn’t an apt fighter, nor was she all that strong but she had stood in front of the Goblin King without flinching, she had pushed passed the small . You heard a knock at the door. 2018 · Orc x reader Request: can you write a mafiaAU with an orc who you fall in love with but don't realise hes in the mafia so you run away and come back but he still loves you. After a moment, once everyone was seated and their bellies were full, Fili walked over to you, kneeling in front of you. kili, fanfiction, thorin. Sparring Maneuvers x. The Difficulties of Carrying Dwarven Children. See full list on fizzyxcustard. Also: WIP Driven Out and Taken In by GreenT Summary: After the fall of Erebor and the tragedy of Azanulbizar, many dwarves have come to hate the line of Durin. Genres: angst, Thorin being mean, fluff. Thorin Oakenshield X Reader: By My Side. com Of Flower Crowns and Courting (Thorin Oakenshield One-Shot) Completed September 18, 2018 TaurelinStar. His fingers were hard on your scarred jaw. Pairing: Thorin x reader. A reminder of Smaug's attack all those years ago. Dreams x. Answer: Hey, firstly I want to thank you very much for your interest and also your. After gaining lucidity, he wishes to divorce you to save you from more . The Hobbit (2012): "Courting Mr Baggins" [Thorin/Bilbo, General Audiences] I finally got to see The Hobbit the other day. Thorin OakenShield x Reader Words: 1003 A little Thorin Angst-ish bit to get me back into the swing of things - got this idea from the last Shrek film. A loose strand of hair falls out of your braid, and you blow it out of your face frustratedly. (a/n:. It would have bothered you more if it hadn’t been the 17th day in a row. 4 notes . Solitude (Thorin x Reader) — Writing Corner; A-writing-haven. The bet - A Thorin x OC series- Our OC Enya lands in a fierce argument with her king, because she has seen him staring at another dam’s ass. You had just poured yourself a cup of tea and set it down on the small table by the armchair when there was a knock at the door. No pressure tags: @princessbatears @anxiety-riddled-mando @max–phillips @justanotherblonde23 @agentpike @keeper0fthestars @di-kut Caught - Thorin Oakenshield x Reader. Thorin Oakenshield x reader: Cinderella Story part 1. Anonymous said: Hello! May I request a fic with Glorfindel? Where reader has a head injury and throwing up? Something of the sort! I just got into my first car accident and slammed my head into the. com DA: 26 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 22 Enemy activity had been reported in the Thorin area and the Monitor, an Essex Class destroyer, had been sent to inspect the situation. You gazed at him as you crossed your arms across your chest. Reader is not paired romantically with everybody. spent far too long on this. She ends up talking to Thorin about it often. Part 7: The Siege. Thorin’s POV. Literally, it was something like, the reader have a sister, well, an adopted sister, this sister is also a world shifter, anyway, the plot twist was that the adopted sister was actually the daughter of the reader and Thorin, she shifted in search of her mother when the reader shifted with the company accidentally leaving the kid on middle earth . - You starting to talk with him, small chat on first, just some kind words, and him being equally educated and kind to you, and . thorin x reader thorin imagine. One harsh winter, Thorin offers the men of Dale shelter in the mountain; all goes well until a deadly epidemic breaks out among . Thorin’s Company courting a Nonbinary! Reader would include • Dwarves already have a very different concept of gender than the average human does • I mean, if you’re an entire society of people with. Negan x Female Reader . His grip was hard and harsh. Warnings:jealousy maybe a little angst As you sat looking down on the feast in front of you, you couldn't help but feel content. nausea. Thorin had become increasingly busy recently with fortifying Erebor as dwarves grew anxious of another attack. #24 -whispering in their ear, lips touching the skin. Fili sat silently as he watched the night grow, his mind free of any duties that he had as prince while you lay peacefully in his arms. قبل 5 أشهر Uncategorized; 1 Content. You were walking down the halls of Erebor. In the Cartoon X-Over "The Sinners and Their Saints", It features the three male leads being half human and half paranormal being and it features them slowly falling for the three female leads. com DA: 18 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 82. The elf was grinning at you huge and brightly, so that if you’d wanted, you could’ve counted every single one of his 32 pearl white teeth. Tauriel became a resident of Erebor when Kili made his courting official as she works as an ambassadress for Mirkwood. Masterlist. You woke up to an empty bed once again. hen you first joined the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, it would be a lie to say you were accepted by all. The courting bead is a declaration of affection and their courtship. Thoughts of You ** Thoughts of You Part 2** Little One x. You needed to leave before fresh tears spilled over your cheeks. Pairing: Merry x Thorin’s Daughter! Reader . Gods, why did you think it’d be a good idea to come along? You didn’t fit in. The Cross: Pero Tovar x reader - ongoing. Rating: T Character(s): Kili Word Count: 711 Prompt: Can I request a Kili x reader, when they are hiding in a very small space, and they are crammed very close to each other and there’s a lot of tension, then Kili confesses that he’s in love with the reader? ️ It would be great if you could write this! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Imagine Thorin Wrapping His Furry Coat Around You on Cold Nights Pt. The last thing you had expected to hear as you made your way into the armory was your own name, especially in the gruff tones that belonged unmistakably to . Pairings: Thorin’s Company x Female Hobbit Reader; Warnings: angst, insecurity, language, fluff. Summary: Reader and Katsuki have been friends for years, and everyone expects them to get together, until reader rescues an omega that lives in their building, and things get a touch more… complicated. and they get nervous about courting her because she keeps getting all sorts of marriage proposals from local ladies . Of Folk Songs and Sea Shanties, Bofur x Reader (The Hobbit) Tolkien-fantasy. Bofur tries to uplift her spirits by assuring that he loves her - requested by Anonymous. Courting Maedhros would include. you see a blue and silver courting bead with intricate . Collection of Sons of Durin x Reader fics. Bard had been named the leader of the town, and, as his eldest, you took on a lot of duties as his assistant. A/N: This was inspired by Cinderella (2015). Tag List: @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester ,@trumpetsaretheworst, @outsidersimagines57, @lucifer-in-leather, @nea90sweetie Time had passed but slowly making you ache. Thorin X Reader Lemon. To start the courting, everyone must know of your affection. Cornish Pasty. A small glimmer of pride formed in your heart. I’ve read the books since I started that story and it annoys the hell out of me that it goes against canon 😓 I’ve also somewhat moved on from Wattpad. See a recent post on Tumblr from @bluebellhairpin about thorin oakensheild x reader. Kind of. thorin oakenshield thorin x reader thorin imagine thorin . Partially based on this ask from @fizzyxcustard Pairing:Thorin x Reader X Fili/Thorin - Sculptor— Pt 1, Pt 2. Dreams { {Thorin x Child!Reader}} It was dark. No. A Warlock let loose a blast of burning hot Fel right at her. Kili x Reader. Your small footsteps echoed through the hall as you looked for your mother or father. Words: 1. Part 4: Saddle Sore. Originally posted by imaginelegolas. You let out a huff as you tugged your coat tighter around you. comfort character: bilbo baggins, thorin oakenshield, killian jones, tony stark, loki laufeyson, nathan drake, hawke (da2/purple/mage) among many others comfort song: …. That scared you. Eventual Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins, Thilbo, Bagginshield, Ori of the Brothers Ri is a freelance scribe in the poorest part of the City of Dale. Partially based on this ask from @fizzyxcustard Pairing:Thorin x Reader Hi can I request a Thorin x fem human! reader where they’re married with 3 little dwarfling & they’re having a family time in their quarter in Erebor when their children ask them about how they meet each other, maybe it started with a misinterpretation between the 2 of you when you asked for Thorin’s help to braid your long hair but Thorin sees it as an invitation to court you (as per . Turning your back to him you smiled to yourself. Note: This will be a 2, maybe 3 part, mini-series so more will come! Your bloodline has been blessed with the gift of foresight. Fili imagines The Hobbit imagines Fili imagines Fili x Reader Fili/Reader Fili x You Fili/You Fili x OFC Fili/OFC Middle Earth courting gift by MarigoldVance writing my writing sorrynotsorry to anyone who wished Thorin to remain a regal specimen not today XD should i keep this in Fee's POV? or return of OFC's POV? the hobbit: “come to bed” ₊˚ ⸝ thorin x reader don’t be afraid of me don’t be ashamed walk in the way of my soft resurrection gif credit: n/a song: lana del rey - bel air ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞ • pairings:. Warnings: slight angst, some fluff “Do you have to go?” Kili was a loyal dwarf, everyone knew that. Imagine catching Thorin masturbating and whispering your name. his fingers will be caught . Pairing: Dwalin x Dwarf!reader (one mention of lass) Warnings! -Tunnel collapse, minor injury. - You being always around him, not mattering if he is on his father’s forge or walking around Tirion, just enjoying the view, and finding yourself even more in love of him each day. Reblog this post to get entered for a chance to win one of the five remaining calendars. this is such a hard one cause I ADORE music. This book is illustrated with hundreds of photos and artwork from current to vintage, including various sub-styles of the dance, gathered from around the world. Requested by Anonymous: “Imagine Thorin, Dwalin, and Fili fight for your courtship during a simple games” from ImaginexHobbit. thranduil: he’s very careful with your hair. A Thorin x Reader Fanfic A huge and very special thanks to Revolutionary-Angel for this amazing fanfic idea!! It was mid-afternoon in Erebor as you had been busy attending to your queenly duties that had been bestowed upon you by your husband, Thorin Oakenshield. #company of thorin oakenshield #The Hobbit x reader #The company x reader #The . On this particular night, he had dressed me in the finest midnight blue gown with a neckline and waistline that shone of diamonds, matching his robes for the evening. It had been a couple weeks since Thorin and company had picked up (f/n) from a small village at the urging of Gandalf, and so far she had proven her worth. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Dwarves were a race of Middle-earth also known as the Khazad (in their own tongue) or Casari, Naugrim, meaning 'Stunted People', and Gonnhirrim, the 'Masters of Stone'. Laying on his death bed, in the last homely home of the elves, the Valar visit Bilbo. But now, Thorin had announced and made it official with a small braiding ceremony with the company, that he was officially courting me. You. Summary: There is a ball thrown for Thorin so that he may choose a lady to court but reader does not feel she is worthy. . * You followed Thorin everywhere; from leaving Erebor after Smaug’s attack until re-claming the mountain. 559 Summary: based on and imagine “Imagine always cooking and taking care of the Company all the time and them deciding who should ask you out” - requested by Anonymous When you looked back up, you saw that Thorin had become involved in the conversation. 4 notes. Summary: When Sean is dragged to the theatre with his family the last thing he expects is to meet a young woman who captures his attention so brilliantly. I've been getting into a lot of new things lately though, so it's been hard to settle down and rec… The Belly Dance Reader is an anthology of essays from many of the leaders in our Middle Eastern music and dance community. Thorin’s head dropped, facing the floor. Hobbit - The Company x Child reader. * It is Thorin who decides to keep your relationship secret, wanting to protect you. Read Never Been Courted (Thorin x fem!reader) from the story Tolkien reader inserts/one shots by MegLPie (Meg) with 5,441 reads. Thorin looks you in the eyes one more time and then he releases you from his captivating stare. You rested peacefully on Thorin’s chest. 9. ” Fandom: The Hobbit. Pairing/s: Thorin x (human!wife)reader. Thorin x Bilbo. Shiny things can be more than courting beads. Kíli x OC (platonic) Summary: Tullaina and Kíli were best friends from day one. Burn For You - Thorin x Reader by rottencherrypie. Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits. Part 8: Time is an Issue Mature/Explicit. She may be a princess, this is true, but she could not yet rule a castle or a people. You felt sick, cinched into the dress that you were wearing. A Ultra Magnus x human!Reader. “ I’m sorry my love, I’ve kept you waiting. As Lord Elrond led the way, with Bilbo and you following behind them. He is set to marry another woman, until he calls it off … during the ceremony … and walks off. Thorin Oakenshield X Reader ~ Stubbornness You sighed; this had been going on for over an hour now, to no avail… You had both been forced to take your argument deeper into the woods to prevent the others from being disturbed. Now and Forever x. By the end of the century, however, the city had declined to a 2 assassin reader angst bilbo baggins kili x reader fili x reader thorin x reader bilbo x reader bofur x reader dwalin x reader. Thorin/Bilbo with mentions of Fili/Kili and hints at Dwalin/Ori. Thorin Oakenshield X [Wife] Reader ~ Together. Unworthy - Celebrimbor x ReaderI know I said that an Arwen fic was next but I’m really burnt out so I’m still trying to work on it… Warnings: none 0o0o0 [[MORE]]You were standing by yourself one. Out of the pureness of your company's hearts, you and your 'lover' are sent off upon a honeymoon. 5. Thorin had started showing interest in you when you helped your brother, Bilbo, save the dwarves from the. Requested by @witch-of-letters. Thorin and the Company are a little bit flustered by that fact, and Bilbo is amused. Summary: Thorin II Oakenshield and you share a meal, continuation of @deepestfirefun‘s request (can be found in the first part) Pairing: Thorin x Reader Warnings: Vague mentions of food, tried to be fluffy but it kind of turned into angst (sorry), Angst Word Count: 3662 *16. Requested: kind of - this was a favor to a very special person! Warnings: NSFW with an E rating, so please only read if you’re 18+! A/N: Wowee… that was a ride! Writing smut is definitely NOT the same as reading it :) Let me know how I did it and if I should write more smut in the future. The sky was a clear, vibrant blue as the morning sun shone brightly into the clearing. moodboard moodboards masterlist Richard armitage Richard Armitage x reader thorin oakenshield thorin thorin x reader Thorin Oakenshield x reader Raymond de merville modern!Raymond de merville pilgrimage pilgrimage 2017 the hobbit real person fiction long distance relationship John proctor the crucible dr scott white sleepwalker The two of you had slipped to his chambers so he could pull out that braid and instead braid his own courting braid. Discover more posts about thorin oakensheild x reader. Bilbo is pregnant. R. Loki: Pretty much are all, 2nd person pov tagged as x Reader OC or just x OC, so you have been warned!! The few y/n format ones will be named as such in the descriptions. Warnings: Smut in the end. You: I mean, given that there are at least forty orcs surrounding us, the most natural thing to do would be panic. Mistakenly believing that Bilbo wants to pay him for what was intended as a courting gift, thus rendering it meaningless, Thorin refuses to take the ring, although he struggles for a moment. Still want a UESP Calendar, but didn’t get one yet? You’re in luck, we’re going to giveaway five more calendars through Tumblr. Thor: Blood Of The Dragon (Series): Thor x Fem!Reader . #lord of the rings #The Lord of the Rings #the hobbit the battle of the five armies #the hobbit #the hobbit trilogy #the hobbit an unexpected journey #Thorin Oakenshield #thorin #thorin x reader #thorin imagine #thorin oakenshield headcanons #thorin oakensheild x reader #thorin lives au … See all The touch of your fingers. Summary: You are often writing erotica in your diary, revolving around you and Thorin, but what if he finds it? Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Dwarf!Reader. Thorin’s Tunic ** Thorin’s Tunic Part 2. Braiding Dancing Dwarf Courting Thorin x reader lotr hobbit Thorin x Reader OC. Genres: mild angst, fluff. He apologized. Pairing: Sean Wallace x fem!oc. Your love and loyalty to the Dwarf King is strong and true. Love, Sweat, and Rainbows I feel really called out by myself rn cause this is almost literally my fucking western au fic I swear to the maker I didn’t cheat I’m just apparently obsessed X’D . Some discussion of miscarriage within the story. Legolas: It’s prison cell. Pairing: Sherlock x Reader (Enola Holmes) Summary: Your morning was normal until you received a telegram from your friend Sherlock Holmes with a simple request: help him find Enola. A/N: I don’t normally write for the hobbit but I’m feeling some Thorin love today and this is what happened. He wears his bad braids proudly though. Problem Solving (Thorin x reader) sequel to “Bedhead”, inspired by “imagine cutting your hair and one of the company being disappointed because he wanted you to wear his courting braid" A Few Burned Biscuits (Thorin x reader) After a rough week on the road, the reader and Thorin have a little chat under the stars. I just like to keep all of you on your toes. Read Thorin x (wife) reader from the story Hobbit/LoTR Oneshots and Imagines by MistNettle8127 with 5,820 reads. I look over to my Company to see (Y/N), the only girl, twist and turn. Summary: The reader is done waiting for Thorin, so she takes matters into her own hands. Part 5: Only One. thorin x you the . While the other Dwarves were helping one . Thorin x reader: Such a sweet side requested by @deepestfirefun masterlist Request: reader (human) is part of the company and is courting with Thorin. Request: She is from our world originally, after botfa, everyone lives. He was taking the Burglar, and roughly if the sobs were anything to go by. To be able to have visions of the possible future. It was silent…. You push yourself up off the ground and use your hands to brush the leafs off your skirt and smiling at Thorin sadly before turning and starting to walk away. for something uplifting though, let’s go with High Hopes by Panic! Company x fem!reader. :) With Descriptions - Prompts/Requests Masterlist Thorin x oc, Thorin x Reader & Bilbo Masterlist - Thorin Series - Modern AU - Modern AU Series Masterlist Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x reader. A Writers Guide to Dwarvish Courting. Summary. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Coming Soon - hopefully) Thorin X Fem Reader Wedding Headcannons 10 Count The week before all the dwarf women in the town came to you to make your dress. Pairing: Thorin x Reader (or Thorin x wife!reader) Warnings: fluff and lots of it, bit a little bit of angst ig and slightly (a lot) jealous Thorin. Pairing: The Company x reader, Thorin x reader at the end Genres: humor,fluff Words: 1. After losing his grandfather, father, and siblings, all Thorin has left is his nephews, who are no more than toddlers. . You liked being around Ultra Magnus whenever you could. 66 notes. masterlist. True Love’s Kiss - Request: Thorin x Reader involving true love’s kiss. Word Count: 369. He was loyal to his mother, his brother, his uncle, and most importantly to you. You spend your days covered in dust, sneezing, and far away from your husband. He was the most beautiful man you had ever laid your eyes on, but you had been convicted by tradition to wait for physical intimacy. Clicking your tongue you ignored him and went back to cleaning. You walked to the throne room and looked around. Warnings (for series): fluff, some angst only in one part because I literally CAN’T DO IT. Warnings: Mild violence. Courting Habits of the Hopelessly Unprepared by Nyruserra reviews. Summary: After a tiring and upsetting meeting with Erebor’s dwarrowdams, you seek comfort in your husband’s arms - requested by @deepestfirefun. Rated M for . This is the story of how their friendship started. Shannon: I Feel Actually Betrayed Prime 10 Country Songs About Kissing According to studies, over 90% of girls reported loving being kissed on the neck. Last update: 22/04//2013 Check with Recent Entries… Summary: Kili is head over heels for the daughter of The Dragonslayer. 2017 . Hobbit: Thorin x reader - warmth. suitors come forward to request courting, and man gifts are given. Summary (for series): (Y/N) is sick of her life in a modern city and wishes to live with the characters in her favorite book, The Hobbit. Relief flooded your being as you stood, hugging Fili in thanks. Pairing: Thorin x reader Warnings: none Words: 413. You were no good at cooking, fighting, scouting, or even sneaking around. Deviantart. She twists her staff, the Morningflame of past Imp mages, and first blocks the Fel with a shield, before redirecting the blast back at the Warlock. Part 2: The Artifact. As was the traditional way, you and Thorin had both waited until going to your marriage bed to make love for the first time. x Thorin – @evyiione , @ . Warnings: Smut, fluff. Tag Yourself I. 2021-03-01 Python 3. But how could he protect you when he was away? You knew you could look after yourself, that much . You chew on the inner side of your cheek, uncertain and anxious. men, friendship, theyretakingthehobbitstoiseng. kili, tolkien, fanfiction. He thought your presence was peaceful. Thank you. He is already perfectly in-between your legs and begins to pleasure you with his tongue, making your head fall back on the soft furs with your eyes closed in ecstasy. Part 6: More Dangerous Than Black Powder. Word Count: 779. There were many that were okay with it, but the two that were most against it were Thorin and Dwalin. I love all of your work. Once upon a time, there was a princess called Ella and she saw the world not as it was, but perhaps as it could be, with just a little bit of magic. The Perfect Plan: A Thorin x Reader Fanfic . you’re welcome to show him the styles best for your texture, but he’ll just raise a brow: “you think i can’t do this?” and in all honesty, he can’t. Thorin x reader: coat masterlist thorin POV I sat at the edge of camp keeping watch one night, when i heard mumbles and rustling. com DA: 26 PA: 43 MOZ Rank: 74; Solitude (Thorin x Reader) Solitude (When a simple attempt to start a conversation turned out to be something more and something unexpected, much to the joy of the company) Thorin x Reader uesp:. Your body lays between his legs, your feet threatening to fall off the edge of the bed. Warnings: NSFW with an E rating, so please only read if you’re 18+! A/N: Wowee… that was a ride! Pairing: Thorin x gn!reader. You stared at him, eyes slightly widened. You, a dwarrowdam, are a member of the company of Thorin Oakenshield on your way to reclaim Erebor. 6 Pairing: Pre-Nezumi x Shion Rating: Teen Audiences and Up Author's Summary:… The Hobbit (2012): "Courting Mr Baggins" [Thorin/Bilbo, General Audiences] I finally got to see The Hobbit the other day. Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x Female Reader. Response to a prompt on the Hobbit Kink Meme. She offers Thorin a . Minimal example for reading an ORC fileОригинал: https://yandere-wishes. Word Count: 555. But to no avail. He rushes to rescue his trouble-making elder brother Nori and finds a life, romance and food in the Mountain among royalty. (Thorin X OC) (Fili x OC) Post Bot5A . 3 Dwalin advises the reader on what Thorin’s gesture really means. email protected] is definitely the best reader out there at the moment. But no, I’m not. Court the King Thorin x reader. Thorin x fem!reader. While Bilbo is devastated that his gift is rejected, the reader knows exactly what effect this specific ring has on the mind of those close to it and how . They have been married now couple of months and his kin is happy that their king has found such a kind soul as his queen. 650. Dwarves are private, very secretive, but caring folk. Hobbit: Thorin x reader - warmth It had been a couple weeks since Thorin and company had picked up (f/n) from a small village at the urging of Gandalf, and so far she had proven her worth. You were lucky it had only been your face and not your eyes. Thorin finds himself awkward, and Tiyalia finds herself with no idea what she is doing. For the last sixth months of courtship and it had been sheer torture to remain composed. Warning: idk sad. All you’ve done so far was get in yourself and The Company in trouble. ” Hope sparked up in the blue eyes, but almost instantly died down again as Dwalin lightly shook his head. The dull cloud of Gold Madness faded from blue eyes, leaving Thorin confused for a moment. elite4cekalyma said: Hello. Warnings: a bit of swearing, I tried to keep it fluffy. Part 3: Making Camp. Originally posted by lifeisjuicy92. Win-win situation. Shortly after their victory of what quickly became known as the Battle of the Five Armies, Bilbo . Pairing: Thorin x Reader. It is important (Thorin's company x reader) by . It’s a short one-shot (also my first) so I hope you guys will like it! *click on the moodboard for better quality* Get added to my taglist! ⚜ ⚜ ⚜. Thorin grumbled to himself as he and the rest of his company followed Gandalf into Rivendell’s main halls. On the way, however, you have managed to steal the hearts of the Company, as well as many of their beads. imagine you’re on a road trip with the love of your life and your boyfriend like, insists you pick up this fucked up little hitchhiker who’s like 4 feet tall and looks like he’s literally about to die, then you hear the hitchhiker conspiring to KILL you and your boyfriend and steal your shit, so you tell your boyfriend and he’s like “oh no he’s harmless you’re lying” and . (The Hobbit) Lucidity - Thorin Oakenshield x fem!Reader. random-thoughts-003 asked: Are you continuing your second edition book on wattpad? Ah, sorry I didn’t see this till now. Reader: Tall Female Reader. He wanted you to stay with him! “I don’t see the harm in staying a moment longer,” you said, reaching up to brush the stray strands of hair behind his ear. Sausage Fingers - Prompt from imaginexhobbit: Imagine Dwalin getting frustrated because his fingers are too thick and clumsy to make a courting braid in your hair. —————————————. Originally posted by thesedwarvesarekilinme. No infringement intended. Word Count (this part): 682. Warnings: NSFW with an E rating, so please only read if you’re 18+! A/N: Wowee… that was a ride! Worthy - Reader is insecure and battles her demons. 66 notes . “Thorin,” upon entering the grand hall of the forges he noticed how the king hastily straightened himself, “we have a guest on our front door. Dori has secrets! The Hobbit Themed Recommendations slash and gen/friendship. A/N: I have so much to say, so please bear with me. Hannah Early. ” Aulë was unwilling to wait for the coming of the Children of Ilúvatar, for he was impatient and desired to have someone to teach his lore . The Love Potion x. The Dwarves were made by Aulë, whom they themselves called Mahal, meaning “maker. Comforting Touches x. Summary: Reader from our world LOVES learning history and about other cultures and is determined to learn all she can about dwarvish history and culture while on the quest for Erebor. Warnings: swearing, omegaverse, mad pining, Katsuki get exposed for going to therapy lmao, Izuku is kinda a shithead, Katsuki b mad insecure . Dwalin, Balin, and I are scouting the surrounding area once again and memories of that night she left are resurfacing. Tolkien Estate and New Line Cinema. A heavy sigh escaped him as he ran his thumb over the back of your hand. din djarin x reader din . Originally posted by easilyobsessedauthor. A/n: Drakna - Dragon, Dwed - Dwarf. 11. Read Perfect (Thorin Oakenshield x reader) from the story Tolkien reader inserts/one shots by MegLPie (Meg) with 4,998 reads. Hi! Anon I just finished writing this, sorry it took some time, but now it’s finished, hope you like it! Summary: The company takes in an abandoned child they found on the woods, but what will happen to them when they arrive to Mirkwood? It looked like you were the last one of your friends, who had appeared to the feast and as you went to sit on the same table as them, they all gave you a friendly smile, well, except for Legolas. 410. Fili only smiled and patted your cheek lovingly, guiding you over to the fire to join Thorin and Bofur. Love, Death Rebirth: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, Tony Stark x Fem!Reader, Natasha Romanov x Fem!Reader (Choose your own ending) (21 Chapters) Link Under Steve Rogers. You went to open it but Nuada had already entered in. Originally posted by freydisfreysdottir. Manny is the son of a devil and human who falls in love with two human women and having a brief affair with a witch. After the battle against Azog, Fili and Kili survive but Thorin doesn’t. The contributors range from PhD scholars to hobbyists. Pairings: Kili x Reader. Legolas X Reader {Soulmate Au} Warning: Light Angst, I guess (If there is anything else, feel free to tell me!) Word Count: 2,230 A/N: I went into this with high hopes but it didn’t exactly turn out how I originally thought. His sudden action was unexpected and surprising. Word Count: 1634. Not His TherapistThe dos and don’ts of courting a guy with ‘issues’. Word Count: 1,660. Thorin was looking at you, watching you carefully as you nod to show you had heard him. In the morning Thorin would announce your official courtship to the members of the company. Mindful of your hair, Fili slowly pried each of his brother's fingers from your tunic, untangling your hair before moving on to the next. legolas lord of the rings legolas x reader lotr legolas imagine love imagine legolas greenleaf lord of the rings x reader romance. Five days later, the Monitor arrived in the Thorin system’s asteroid field. They spent every day that week customizing it to fit and flatter you. Through the travel, she is seeing two sides of. There will be a part 2 coming soon. Originally posted by lotrlorien. Originally posted by poeticbard. 2(Thorin Oakenshield x fem!reader) from the story Tolkien reader inserts/one shots by MegLPie (Meg) with 4,487 reads. general angst. Thank you! #8 -shielding the other one with their body. Warning: N/A. In a moment of panic the dwarven king proclaims you are his spouse and to your shock, everyone believes him due to a presumed meaningless kiss. Meddling Thorin hopes to finally bring the two of you together, but will it work? Pairing: Dwalin x gn!Reader. Disclaimer: I do not own any characters. Thorin x Reader - Coincidence by TheLadyOfManyFandoms on DeviantArt. You and Thorin had been travelling to the Iron Hills for a meeting of the dwarven clans, to talk about the. x Loki/Ronan - Prisoner - Ronan has a plan, one that hasn’t been thought through very well. Said Warlock was consumed by his own spell, leaving behind only a charred skeleton. Courting and Braiding x** Cheers, King x The hobbit x reader courting Courting beads. it’s so beautiful and unlike anything he’s ever seen – let alone braided – so he’s cautious with every plait he makes. If you want more of this let me know. 3 (Thorin x fem!reader) from the story Tolkien reader inserts/one shots by MegLPie (Meg) with 2,566 reads. A king’s crown - The reader is just fucking adorable and makes Thorin a flowercrown every night, but our oaf doesn’t… get it. Since the reclamation of Erebor, you have been working in the dusty libraries with Balin, trying to restore them. thorin x reader courting

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